Music Education at SST

Music Class is offered to all 8th graders. During a semester, students will begin by examining how music reflects and influences societies and is a metaphor for ideas and experiences. Students begin by brainstorming the functions or purposes of music and by discussing music’s power as a “mirror” and as a symbol. Also, how advertisers use the power of music to create bonds between customers and products. Students will learn the six elements of music and how they apply to their music world. They will continue their study by learning music theory basics and learn to apply Kodaly skills to sight read and learn music more efficiently. As they learn about music as a whole, they will learn about different genres and will also cover Music History and some of the important composers and their works. They will see how the evolution and progress of music and its aesthetics develops and how it correlates with societal events, as well as, how it runs parallel with Art and Literature.

High School Electives

Choir is offered to all high school students. Students learn to read music by using the Kodaly method of reading music. Music theory basics will be taught and reinforced. Students will be taught proper vocal pedagogy and they will implement their skills on the variety of repertoire that encompasses a variety of genres and composers. The repertoire they learn will be showcased in two concerts during the year; “Tis the Season for a Little Art and Dance” and the Annual Spring Concert. Students will also show off their solo capabilities in a Mock UIL Solo/ Ensemble competition. They will learn a song from the UIL Prescribed Music List and will perform it for a judge for a chance at winning a medal and/ or the overall best vocalist trophy. Students will learn good stage presence, as well as, good audience etiquette.

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Music Theory is a class that offers extensive concentration of Theory and Analysis. Students will start from the basics and progress through Secondary Dominance and explore through Musical Form of Period Music. The chapters will be accompanied with Aural Skill training and “on hand” piano knowledge. The students will learn the Kodaly method (solfege) in learning to count and sight read music. As a final project, students will be expected to either compose an original piece or arrange an existing piece using the knowledge they have acquired in the course.

History of Rock is a class that explores the history of rock and roll as it began in the United States deriving from gospel, jazz and Tin Pan Alley. It explores rock as it relates to the rock that derived from certain sub groups. Students will learn the sub genres that broke off and derived from rock through the 2000’s.

Theater Arts

Theater Arts is a class in which students explore their thespian skills. They are taught the basics of drama skills from building “character” to developing a improvised skit. Their theater skills are showcased in our annual play at the end of the year and they are involved in all of the facets of “putting on a play”, like sound effects, make-up, props, lights, acting, and costume making.

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Clubs offered

Glee Club is offered to Middle School students that do not have an opportunity to have Music as a class and want to participate in Choir. Students learn Kodaly skills and learn to read music. They also learn proper vocal pedagogy and they implement their skills by performing different genres of music which are presented in the Winter and Spring Concert. Students are also encouraged to participate in a Mock UIL Solo/ Ensemble Competition. This competition helps the student develop confidence and focus and they will have an opportunity to win medals and trophies. Glee also performs in school activities during the year, like the SST Idol and the Stem Festival.

SST Choir is a club for those students that cannot fit it into their regular school schedule but would like to participate in choir. Students in choir club will learn the same repertoire and techniques as choir class and will perform in the concerts through the year.

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