abcSST MathCounts Team participated in Bexar Chapter/Texas State MATHCOUNTS Region 3. Our MathCounts Team was placed first in the San Antonio chapter of the competition and proceeded to the state level to represent San Antonio. Among our team Sajid Leelani came the first in individual category. Myles Wortham will also go to State Competition as an individual.


          Team Winnners                                            Individual Winners

  • Sajid Leelani
  • Navid Leelani
  • James Yates                                                                        Sajid Leelani
  • Aditya Gosala


Myles Wortham, Daniel Martinez and Metthew Sheridan will go to State Competition as an individual

  • Sajid Leelani (1th Place)
  • Navid Leelani (5th Place)
  • Myles Wortham (7th Place)
  • James Yates (10th Place)


  • Daniel Martinez (11th Place)
  • Matthew Sheridan (11th Place)
  • Aditya Gosala (23th Place)