High Standards and Quality Education
We educators at School of Science and Technology continually strive towards maintaining the high academic standards that will powerfully propel us into the 21st century. Because of our supportive parents, the faculty and staff have guided our students beyond all community and state mandated expectations. The faculty, Staff and Administrators at SST are caring, competent, dedicated and willing to assist you. We are working very hard to provide the best possible learning climate to our students.





Our Commitment
The faculty and staff at School of Science and Technology diligently work to mold responsive, productive, and civic-minded individuals. The 1:14 faculty-student ratio ensures a “hands on approach” with attention placed on the details. Because there are no more than 25 students per class, each class has an opportunity to become a prolific community. The SST faculty and staff have the profound privilege of inspiring our students to follow their dreams while making the world a better place for themselves and others.


Discipline with Character
The character education program not only instills in our students values such as accountability, compassion, integrity, tolerance and leadership, but also reaffirms our strength as a drug free, gang-free, peer pressure-free, bully-free, truancy-free, fight-free and crime-free campus.






Parents & Community Involvement
By visiting students and their families at home, our teachers help build strong communication and a caring classroom. Teachers inform parents about student progress, programs and planning; parents provide priceless feedback and input; and students improve both academically and socially.


Parent's Login
Access online from home or work to check your child's grades, homework, conduct, attendance, and notes from teachers. Monitor your child's progress on daily basis.



Communication and Safety
The school communicates with parents via e-mail, telephone, the Wednesday Envelope, and its comprehensive web site. By communicating quickly, the Administration at SST sees to the progress, high attendance and safety of students.


Music and Drama
Students enjoy playing the English flute and piano keyboards and activities such as talent shows, school dances, and performances at school.







Field Trips and Fun Activities
We do have a lot of field trips to help students learn from real-life experiences and broaden their horizon such us trips to local museums, NASA, Moody Gardens at Galveston , Houston , and Austin . In addition, we strongly encourage our teachers to organize fun activities such as camping, bowling, laser tag, picnics, birthday parties, homeroom breakfasts, and barbecue parties for the purpose of forming a bond between students, parents, and the school.


Advanced Academic Services
SST assures an array of learning opportunities that are commensurate with abilities of gifted/talented students: The school-wide enrichment model (SEM), special summer and Saturday programs, mentoring, ability grouping, independent study and research projects, and enhancement programs for creativity and thinking skills.